After The Fire - Blue Mountains

Recently I visited the Blue Mountains in areas devastated by the bush fires. 

Every forest I visited was completely destroyed. The trees were turned to charcoal and the ground cover gone, burnt away exposing the raw blackened ground and rock. This was interspersed with small stumps of once were native plants. 

I just lost my words, I could not describe the enormity of the damage, in some places as far as the horizon.

The beautiful Blue Mountains have turned to the Brown Mountains. 

There was a glimpse of the positive side of the devastating scenes. I spotted a lot of new growth of Eucalypts trees and this was a welcome sight indeed. However to restore the forest will take time, for sure. Nature needs us to assist its recovery and we need nature more than we realise. This is for many reasons but especially because it was us through our ignorance at beliefs that lead to these awful events.

Remember 1 billion animals perished in this season’s fires so far. We are the custodians for these animals and we must look after them. We can never let this happen again,  We are one, we breathe together and help each other.

The change of our individual ways of thinking and behaviour towards nature must act now,  with respect to all the lives we lost.