The thick fog covered the entire mountains and moved like a wave on water.

As the fog moved, guided by nature, the subtle beauty of the mountains was revealed every so slowly, little by little.

My curiosity was captured and I anxiously awaited to see the final reveal.

As the fog cleared a little it reminded me of ancient tales and mystical folk stories from old. Fully expecting to see wizards and dragons gathering under the giant trees.

Each tree has its own story to tell, just before being consumed by the fog again, silently erasing all, as though it never existed. 

What bliss I felt to be part of that moment, to be so connected to the fog, to see and experience such serene beauty.

Even from my sleeves

fog rising...

mountain road.

 - Issa Kobayashi -

(Japanese Haiku Poet, 1813)

© 2020 by Mayumi Kataoka - Organic Photography.  All rights reserved

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