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Only 3 hours for the ultimate relaxation experience.
Feel as if you have been to a Retreat for days!

Introducing Mayu’s Forest Bathing

Stress seems to be synonymous with life today, even before Covid 19 hit.

It has been well documented that with unchecked stress comes a whole raft of health issues,

including depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart disease and sleeping problems.
(Source: Black Dog Institute)


Shinrin-Yoku, forest bathing, is an immerse experience in nature that reduces stress and can

improve your health.

What is Shinrin-yoku ?

"Shinrin" means Forest, "Yoku" means Bathing.

Shinrin-yoku is the practice of walking slowly through the woods, in no hurry, for a morning,

an afternoon or a day.  You bathe in the environment of the forest, using all your senses to

experience nature upclose. It is a simple natural therapy which has been done for many years.


With Shinrin-Yoku, trees provides fresh oxygen so you can take a deeper breath and the green

colours of the leaves sooth your eyes, sounds of birds calm the noise in your head and you feel

the breeze on your skin.

Benefits of Shinrin-yoku :


* Increased relaxation response  

* Lower stress levels  

* Improves the quality of sleep  

* Improvement of weakened immunity  

* Improves the quality of life and a feeling of well being  

* Increases in the count of natural killer (NK) cells which are known to fight disease 

* Reduces sympathetic nerve system and increase parasympathetic nerve system 

* Potentially reduces the cost and strain of health services that caused by stress-related illness 

Why we feel so good when we forest bathe ?

Firstly, in ancient times, nature was our home. We lived and spent most of our time there.
That memory is deeply embedded in our DNA. So when we return to nature, we intuitively feel

at home, with a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Secondly, forests produce a chemical called phytoncides which activate Natural Killer cells

that improve our immune system and are known to fight disease in our bodies.

These benefits can last up to thirty days. (If you want to know about more of the science behind

this read this article.)

Thirdly, when we are in forests we are surrounded by Negative Air Ions.

These are molecules floating in air that have been charged with electricity. They exist in nature

near waterfalls and the ocean shore. Negative air ions help calm our nervous system and create

lasting relaxation, whilst lowering stress levels and blood pressure. (Read all about it here.)

There is always water somewhere along the way in all of Mayu’s Shinrin-yoku experiences!

Shirin-yoku often takes place where people bush walk the experience is very different.

Instead of the focus being on walking, it is on connecting and feeling.

When you do Shinrin-yoku, walking slowly is a must.

Every step of the way Mayu will be encouraging you to be more mindful and more curious.
During the walk you will focus on each of your senses and see, hear, feel, touch and taste
things in ways you have never experienced before.

It might be getting up really close to leaves and looking at their shape and colour.

It might be noticing the temperature of different trees. Maybe it is inhaling the smell of the forest?

These things can only begin to happen when you slow your pace.

In a small group, Mayu will guide you through her unique set of activities, a mindfulness experience in nature. Each experience is carefully curated so you get the most out of your time bathing in the forest.

In itself each and every activity leaves you feeling different. All together, as sequenced by
Mayu, deliver an incredibly powerful experience that will linger in your body for weeks to come.

Enjoy a three hour experience in nature where you will take time to slow down, immerse and

breathe in the forest with all your senses. 

Great to reduce Stress. 

Safe - it's outdoors, with social distancing.

Highlights :

* Suitable for individual, family, group of friends

* Deep relaxation experience in a peaceful natural environment

Enjoy mindfulness activities in the forest

* Learn introductory Qi (Energy) breathing to calm your mind

* Complimentary Japanese Tea and snacks/traditional sweets at the end of the walk

* Complimentary gift

* Max 8 people at each walk


An enjoyable and new experience !

Initial 10 mins found already relaxing and mindful. Tai Chi breathing exercise was great.

— Brendan

Chose the best walk for you !

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Group Shinrin-yoku

This Walk is done at different forests around Sydney lower north shore.

Complimentary Japanese tea and light snacks will be provided at the end of the walk.

Suitable for :


Group of friends or Family.


Personal Shinrin-yoku

This walk is designed to help to improve your state of physical and mental wellbeing.

Mayu will customise your walk based on your specific needs and assess the improvements over this period.

Suitable for:




The Shinrin-yoku Retreat will help you gain physical and mental well-being balance, through focused immersion in a natural environment. 

Suitable for:



Disclaimer :

Please understand that Shirin-Yuko is a supportive tool for your health that offers many benefits such as relaxation and feelings of well being.However, it is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice from your medical practitioner, nor does it claim to be curative of any medical conditions you may have.

Prior to attending this program please consult your physician for personalised medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any concerns.