Shinrin-yoku Walk

Only 2 hours for the ultimate relaxation experience.
Feel as if you have been to a Retreat for days!

Now more than ever, when we can’t travel far from home, we are looking for ways to make the most of our surrounding environment and savour new experiences close to home, especially those that are
enjoyed outdoors.

Although Shirin-yoku often takes place where people bush walk the experience is very different. Instead of the focus being on walking, it is on connecting and feeling.

Firstly when you do Shinrin-yoku, walking slowly is a must.

Every step of the way Mayu will be encouraging you to be more mindful and more curious.
During the walk you will focus on each of your senses and see, hear, feel, touch and taste
things in ways you have never experienced before.

It might be getting up really close to leaves and looking at their shape and colour.

It might be noticing the temperature of different trees. Maybe it is inhaling the smell of the forest?

These things can only begin to happen when you slow your pace.

In a small group, Mayu will guide you through her unique set of activities, a mindfulness experience in nature. Each experience is carefully curated so you get the most out of your time bathing in the forest.

In itself each and every activity leaves you feeling different. All together, as sequenced by
Mayu, deliver an incredibly powerful experience that will linger in your body for weeks to come.


Highlights :

* Suitable for individual, family, group of friends

* Deep relaxation experience in a peaceful natural environment

Enjoy mindfulness activities in the forest

* Learn introductory **Qi (Energy) breathing to calm your mind

* Complimentary Japanese Tea and snacks at the end of the walk

* Complimentary gift (hand made greeting card with nature photography)

* Max 8 people at each walk

**Qi (Energy) Breathing is a mindfulness exercise. It is gentle, slow and deep and it is an important part of Tai Chi(Tai Ji)/Qi Gong exercise.

This breathing exercise creates peacefulness and inner harmony, also reduce anxiety and depression.

Practicing Qi breathing in an amazing energy of the forest, with clean, pure and fresh air with forest aroma scent will bring our mental health and physical well-being at optimum state. 

So prepare yourself into a really deep relaxing time.

Expected benefits of Qi Breathing :

* Strengthen Energy and blood circulation

* Improved posture

* Reduced high blood pressure and high cholesterol

* Generates stamina, muscles and balance

* Relaxes nervous tension and tight muscle

* Clarifies awareness and consciousness

Disclaimer :

Please understand that Shirin-Yuko is a supportive tool for your health that offers many benefits such as relaxation and feelings of well being.However, it is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice from your medical practitioner, nor does it claim to be curative of any medical conditions you may have.

Prior to attending this program please consult your physician for personalised medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Shinrin-yoku Q&A Sheet

Contents :

* Introduction of Mayu Kataoka

* What is "Forest-Therapy Guide?"

* Why did you want to become a Forest-Therapy Guide ?

* What is "Shinrin-yoku (Forest-Bathing)?

* Is Shinrin-yoku same as Bush Walking?

* What are the benefits of Shinrin-yoku?

* What kind of activities do we do in Shinrin-yoku?

* How long does Shinri-yoku take to ?

* How strenuous is Shinrin-yoku?  Who can join Shinrin-yoku?

* What is the purpose to use Yoga Mat for Shinrin-yoku?

* Where can I do Shinrin-yoku?

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