Shinrin-yoku Walk

Only 2 hours for the ultimate relaxation experience.
Feel as if you have been to a Retreat for days!

"Shinrin" means Forest, "Yoku" means Bathing. Shinrin-yoku is the practice of walking slowly through the woods, in no hurry, for a morning, an afternoon or a day.  You bathe in the environment of the forest, using all your senses to experience nature upclose. It is a simple natural therapy which has been done for many years.


With Shinrin-Yoku, trees provides fresh oxygen so you can take a deeper breath and the green colours of the leaves sooth your eyes, sounds of birds calm the noise in your head and you feel the breeze on your skin.

In a very short time you enter a relaxed state of mind !

Benefits of Shinrin-yoku

* Increased relaxation response  

* Lower stress levels  

* Improves the quality of sleep  

* Improvement of weakened immunity  

* Improves the quality of life and a feeling of well being  

* Increases in the count of natural killer (NK) cells which are known to fight disease 

* Reduces sympathetic nerve system and increase parasympathetic nerve system 

* Potentially reduces the cost and strain of health services that caused by stress-related illness 

Shinrin-yoku is a peaceful walk to relax, connect with nature and experience a sense of bliss.  

Enjoy mindfulness activities through the walk and learn Qi (Energy) breathing to calm your mind.

Benefits of Tai Chi/Qi Gong

* Improve daily energy levels  

* Improve concentration  

* Improve blood circulation  

* Improve balance and flexibility  

* Improve emotional balance  

* Improve immune function and response

Highlights :

•    Deep relaxation experience in a peaceful natural environment

•    Learn introductory Qi (Energy) breathing and exercise

•    Complimentary Japanese tea & snacks at the end

•    Complimentary gift (hand made greeting card with nature photography)

An enjoyable and new experience !

Initial 10 mins found already relaxing and mindful. Tai Chi breathing exercise was great.

— Brendan

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Shinrin-yoku Q&A Sheet

Contents :

* Introduction of Mayu Kataoka

* What is "Forest-Therapy Guide?"

* Why did you want to become a Forest-Therapy Guide ?

* What is "Shinrin-yoku (Forest-Bathing)?

* Is Shinrin-yoku same as Bush Walking?

* What are the benefits of Shinrin-yoku?

* What kind of activities do we do in Shinrin-yoku?

* How long does Shinri-yoku take to ?

* How strenuous is Shinrin-yoku?  Who can join Shinrin-yoku?

* What is the purpose to use Yoga Mat for Shinrin-yoku?

* Where can I do Shinrin-yoku?