Personal Shinrin-yoku Walk

Enjoy a "one-on-one" therapy walk

Mayu will chose the forest that is best suited to clients' current state of physical/mental wellbeing 

and create specific activities for them during the walk.

You can chose a 'one off' session or for a month long program.

Price :

     One off                :  $350   

     Month program   :  $1200 (every week for 4 weeks)


Highlights :

* Walks & activities are customised to provide the highest level of benefits to the client

* Experience deep relaxation in a peaceful & safe environment of the forest
* Complimentary stress level check is provided for each walk to measure improvement over time
  (All Client data is strictly confidential and it will be managed accordingly.)

* The client will have plenty of time to walk around by themselves and experience the forest after

   which we discuss your experience

Enjoy and experience customised mindfulness activities in the forest

* Complimentary Japanese tea & snacks at the end of the walk is provided

* A complimentary Gift will be provided

Before & After Personal Shinrin-yoku

Sample data.jpg

Data 1 :  Female, age 45.  

Sample data02.jpg

Data 2 :  Female, age early 40's.  

Contact Mayu to discuss today.

Disclaimer :

Please understand that Shirin-yoku is a supportive tool for your health that offers many benefits such as relaxation and feelings of well being. However, it is not designed to be a substitute for medical advice from your medical practitioner, nor does it claim to be curative of any medical conditions you may have.

Prior to attending this program please consult your physician for personalised medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any concerns.