In search of the beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus

The bark of Rainbow Eualyptus - my dream tree !

Whilst traveling in Maui in 2017,  I had one mission and a long term dream and that was to have a close encounter with the famous Rainbow Eucalyptus and  wow .....  it was simply amazing!

In reality The Rainbow Eucalypt far exceeded all my expectations. My journey started when I researched carefully the best place to seethe rainbow eucalpytus and I found out that there was a small forest on the coast drive way from Maui airport to a small town called Hana.     

The trip to Hana was not easy one as I had never driven on a different side of the road and to make it more complicated the roadwas very narrow and winding.

My driving route from Kahului Airport to Hana.

Hana Highway - Narrow and winding road trip was absolutely challenging !

I remember vividly how I felt as I approached the location of the forest. My heart was beating  as I drove closer, and when I drove around a tight bend in the road I suddenly noticed many multicolured trees. A seemingly impossible group of trees laid ahead of me as though they were was freshly painted by some incredibly creative artist .

I had to get close it , to hold it,  to photograph these beautiful impossibilties of nature.

I immediately stopped the car giving little notice to the awkward parking conditions. 

I raced out of the car and walked towards the tree, my long term goal finally achieved.   A flood of emotion emerged and shortly tears began to flow freely down my face.

I was crying uncontrollably  when I finally stood in front of a tree full of colour, majestic and reaching to the sky.  This was indeed a magical moment in time.

This is the tree !

This one shot that expresses my passion and love for the tree and my mission now complete! 

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