Why Eucalyptus Trees?

I was born in Japan and moved to Sydney in 2003. My love for eucalypts began when I saw the beautiful colours of the bark on one sunny day in late spring a couple of years ago, while I was walking on the street near my home.

At that time my mind was deep in thoughts and it was difficult to relax. As I kept walking, I suddenly saw an amazing mix of colours – green, pink and orange – on the bark of the tree I walked past.

I was shocked by the unexpected beauty of the colours so I stopped and moved closer to the tree and I realised that it was a eucalypt.

I had never seen such colours on any other tree bark in my life, so the whole of my curiosity was overtaken with the desire to learn more about eucalypt trees.

I started discovering the different characters of each species of eucalypt and I wanted to capture this uniqueness through my lens.

It didn’t take long to fall in love with such beautiful trees and, thankfully, they are everywhere in Australia!

Ever since, my passion and the focus of my photography has shifted towards eucalypts !

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