Shinrin-yoku (Forest bathing) and The Pandemic

As we all know we are bombarded everyday with over saturation of news about the Pandemic .

The fall out from this Pandemic has effected on many of us and causing many psychological challenges. It is very important now, more than ever before, to achieve a good balance in your life.

Nature is on our door step and it is the best way to achieve this balance.

If you close your eyes and ask yourself the question : How am I Feeling right now..?

Are you feeling overwhelmed ? Are you feeling out of the balance of everything ?

Our eyes and mind are always receiving an information from an external world and that makes our brain tired and mind so busy.

How about stop everything that you are doing now and go for a walk to the park nearby,

sit on a grass or look up trees?

Spending time in nature is the simple way to lift your mood and increase energy.

All the elements of the forest will guide you to a mindfulness state when you practice Shinrin-yoku, because all your senses are connecting with nature to create a peaceful sensation in your mind.

It could be a simple view that you found it pretty in the forest, the sun light sparkling through tree branches or the sound of water from creek and deep green moss on rocks - so many experiences!

We spent most of out time in nature in ancient time. Nature was our home, which our society has lost. That is why when we go to the forest, our body knows that it is our home and therefore we feel relaxed and calm. In another words, spend time in nature means spend time at home where you feel safe and relaxed.

Practicing Shinrin-yoku greatly helps you more than you realise.

You can find more about my Shinrin-yoku walk from HERE or

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