A Tribute to our precious forest

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I am writing this blog for the tribute to our beautiful bush land and all lives we have lost so far.

This is the worst summer I have ever experienced since I moved to Australia. This is also mentioned by my friends who have have lived in Australia all their life.

The bush fires have tragically destroyed this beautiful country. The precious life of people, animals and plants.

The fires have been taking all of our precious resources in Australia and I felt completely devastated when I read about this article from "space.com".

"The fires have been particularly damaging to eucalyptus forests. The forests exist in both dry and rainy regions, and both climates are vulnerable to the wildfires for unique reasons. Eucalyptus plants that thrive in dry areas have oil-rich leaves that can easily ignite during a fire, according to a NASA description of the EOS imagery. Fires do help these plants release their seeds, but the dry season in October was so intense that it limited seed germination. Rainforest eucalyptus species, on the other hand, are not accustomed to fires. The ecosystem can't bounce back the way a dry eucalyptus forest could under milder conditions. Unable to tolerate the flames, most of these rainforest plants die under these extreme conditions. "

When I think about that all trees are in fire and animals with no where to go in a smokey invisible fields, my heart aches. I close my eyes and I hear the screams of silence.

What can we do ? Nature is so out of our control and all we wish for is a heavy rain for a week to put the fire down.

Trees and native animals are our important life partners and without them we can't survive. We lost many of our life partners in this bush fires and we need to get them back.

There is always something we can do. Plant more trees to have a green forest back. When the forest is back, all other lives comes back too. Forest looks after everything including us.

I believe that every little things we do and care to look after our environment will bring the lost forest back to green. I am asking myself what I can do and how I can do.

“Throw a stone into the stream and the ripples that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of all influence.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

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